How Has Covid Affected SME Marketing in 2020? Infographic Customer Survey


Most of us have had a difficult year.

Between the ongoing pandemic and the looming Brexit deadlines, practically every SME in the country has been forced to face problems and make changes to their operations.

With so many unanticipated changes in consumer behaviour and purchasing habits, many small businesses have had to dramatically rethink how they engage with customers and reach new audiences.

So, what does Covid-19 imply for small business marketing this year?

We needed information quickly, so we went straight to the source.

In November 2020, we invited over 1,100 Print-Print customers to participate in our largest survey to date: a 20-part questionnaire designed to delve deep into the most pressing marketing issues and solutions that businesses like yours are facing.

We’ve now collected and analysed all of that data, and we’re ready to share our findings with the countless companies that assisted us in compiling these crucial marketing insights.

So, if you were one of the 1,100 companies who participated in our poll, thank you!

Check out our handy infographic below that summarises the important facts. You are invited to take a look at it and download it. (For more information, see the links at the bottom of the page)



The following are some of the survey’s highlights:

Budget cuts and marketing budgets.. – This year, just over half of UK businesses (56.3%) reduced their marketing budgets.

– More than half of companies have cut their spending by 50% or more.

– A hundred percent of companies reported they were able to keep all of their salespeople on the job.

– I’m ready to bounce back. When the economy recovers, nearly 70% of businesses aim to increase their expenditure.

– Over 86 percent plan to restore at least half of their previous marketing budget.

Trying new things — face-to-face sales were the marketing channel that lost the most this year, according to 77 percent of UK SMEs.

– This year, nearly 90% of SMEs are focusing more on email, social media, and PPC marketing.

– In direct mail advertising, 25% of UK businesses used brochures and pamphlets.

– In 2019, more than 62% of firms spent more time on sales and lead creation than in 2018.

– Almost 70% of respondents reported a significant increase in revenue as a result of the programme.

We learned a lot from the epidemic.. – Direct mail was selected by 12.5 percent of UK SMEs as the marketing channel that gave them the best return on investment (Return on Investment).

– 75% indicated the pandemic had made marketing more crucial to their company than it had been previously.

81 percent of UK SMEs are positive about sales in 2021, which is the highest level ever.

– 31.3 percent say they’ll do it whether or not the pandemic situation improves.

– 39% intend to keep using direct mail to maintain their newfound success.

– 12.5% of companies plan to hire new salespeople.

– In comparison to 2020, 96.4 percent aim to increase their marketing budget in 2021.…

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